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What actually are Salad Crisps and Curry Crisps?

Our snacks are light and crunchy crisps, created without potatoes and without any added nonsense.

We just wanted a better snack than what existed before us, so we made it out of 100% natural ingredients. 

Is there really such a thing as healthy crisps?

There is now. With our unique [patent pending] process, we blend real vegetables, fruits, herbs and spices up and dry it all out slowly. Almost 150g worth of salad ingredients go into one 22g packet (that's the equivalent of a full bowl of salad). We use the whole, unprocessed natural ingredients, for balanced nutrition and to reduce waste. This keeps Marvin's Crisps packed full of flavour, with no added sugar, oil, chemicals or preservatives added.

Why did you change your name from Satisfied Snacks to Marvin's?

We felt it was time for change. Our old brand name was a bit of a mouthful, and we would rather your mouth was full of our snacks rather than some words. Plus, we felt that 'satisfied' didn't quite do our epic flavours much justice. 

Where did the name Marvin's come from?

Marvin's is the surname of Heather (our founder's) grandparents. They owned a hardware store (Marvin-....

Where are Marvin's Snacks based?

We are a UK company, based in Surrey on a beautiful farm site. Our snacks are produced and packaged all on site, so they don't have a huge carbon footprint!

What happened to your snack bars?

Yeah, we loved them too. But with the rebrand, the new flavours, and all the other exciting things going on behind the scenes, we felt it made most sense to *temporarily* remove them from our shop. But don't worry, we promise to bring them back, and they will be SO worth the wait. 

What's the deal with your packaging?

We believe looking after our planet is non-negotiable. So we created the worlds first ever plastic-free, fully recyclable crisps packet that keeps our crisps fresh without the need for any preservatives. Quite simply, they are made from thick tin foil, and a greaseproof paper. Sure, they may not look as perfect on the outside as those shiny crisp packets other snack companies use, but they are far better for the planet - and surely it's what's on the inside that counts.

What do you mean by 'created using 100% renewable energy'?

Quite simply, our kitchen, packing factory and office are all based out of one building in the Surrey countryside, UK. This amazing building is entirely off-grid, and powered by biomass (old vegetable oil and sustainably sourced wooden pellets). This renewable energy source means our impact on the planet is minimal.

Where do your ingredients come from? 

We use UK-based suppliers for all of our fresh and natural ingredients. We do source ingredients as close to home as possible, but because quality and price matter, some of our ingredients may have originated overseas.

Can I order to ship outside of the UK?

For the moment, our main option is to ship to mainland UK only. However, if you did want to send some snacks abroad, drop us a message and we will see what we can do for you. 

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