Salad bar        

Clean  Long lasting energy

A nutritous Salad turned Into a Bar with intense savoury flavour

NO Sugar syrups, polyols or dates

NO protein isolates concentrates

NO Processed unnatural "flavourings"

Try Something NeW

We were getting a bit tired of the same old bars - full of dates, sugar syrups or protein powders which left us feeling heavy and unenergized as a result.  Instead we've created a bar using the ingredients of a salad to achieve an amazing crunchy, savoury bar that's 100% all naturalHigh protein and high fibre for long lasting energy.  Plus it's 1 of your 5 a day!

How They're Made

We take the ingredients you might put into a salad at home: veg, nuts and dairy, herbs and spices and remove only the water. Thereby concentrating the flavour and the goodness, leaving us with a crunchy, intensely tasty bar totally without compromise!

2019 Highly Commended Quality Food Choice Award - Savoury Snacks

Winner of the 2019 Innovative Snacks Challenge

Salad Bar Trial PackSalad Bar Trial PackSalad Bar Trial PackSalad Bar Trial Pack

These intense, flavoursome Salad Bars have all the ingredients you’d put into a salad of your own making - if you had that kind of time. Instead, toss one of these plastic-free bars of these in your bag, and enjoy the delicious explosion of flavour whenever you want. Being healthy has never been simpler.


Try 1 each of our 4 flavours.  The Trial Pack includes: 

  • Tangy Tomato & Feta  x 40g (2 bars)
  • Rustic Pea & Coconut x 40g (2 bars)
  • Roasted Red Pepper & Walnut x 40g (2 bars)
  • Earthy Beetroot & Goat's Cheese x 40g (2 bars)


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What our customer say about this product

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