Salad (as a) bar   


A wholesome nutritious salad with only the water removed

We've taken a wholesome salad and removed only the water, giving us literally an air-dried salad as a bar. By concentrating all the natural goodness of a salad our bars are bursting with nutrients and flavour.

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We were getting a bit tired of the same old bars - full of dates, sugar syrups or protein powders which left us feeling heavy and unenergized as a result.  Instead we've created a bar using the ingredients of a salad to achieve an amazing crunchy, savoury bar that's 100% all naturalHigh protein and high fibre for long lasting energy.  Plus it's 1 of your 5 a day!

Winner of the 2019 Innovative Snacks Challenge

2019 Highly Commended Quality Food Choice Award - Savoury Snacks

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