Salad (as) Crisps

A wholesome nutritious salad with only the water removed.

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Salad as Crisps

We've taken a wholesome salad and removed only the water, giving us literally an air-dried salad as a crisp. By concentrating all the natural goodness of a salad our crisps are bursting with nutrients and flavour.

"...absolutely delicious. These aren't crisps they are far superior." - Vicki, Bristol

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Winner of the 2019 Innovative Snacks Challenge

Starting with 400 startups from around the globe Satisfied Snacks was named the most innovative snack.

Highly Commended Quality Food Choice Awards

In the savoury snacks category.

Intense Flavours

Unapologetically punchy flavours.  Taste buds get ready!

Naturally Tasty

Hand made from 100% all natural ingredients.

Less than 90 Calories

Less than 90 calories and suprisingly filling.