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Food Feet

We're measuring our impact in 'food feet' not 'food miles' by growing our own produce

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We're on a mission

 To grow as much of our own produce as we can.

Hydroponic tomatoes, cabbage, onions, red peppers, ginger and strawberries are now taking growing in the greenhouse above our kitchen.

Using our old yogurt tubs

.....there are now hundreds of veg and fruit plants growing like mad. Buds are appearing and in a few short months we'll be using our own produce to produce our snacks.

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Red Pepper seedlings going strong.

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Our ingredients are growing pesticide free in our own greenhouse just feet from our production kitchen.

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Picked in the morning and put straight into our recipes - it doesn't get any fresher

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Reducing Waste

Because we'll pick as we need and have such a short distance to travel we can cut out food waste.