Why can't snacks be tasty, convenient *and* good for you?

Before Marvin’s, convenient and great tasting snacks meant compromising on flavour, health, sustenance, or environmental impact. Why do the foods we buy have to contain added fats, sugars, starches, chemicals, colourings and preservatives? And why is it always packaged in plastics that outlive us? 
We knew snacking could be better. We could do better.

With a background in advanced mathematics, equestrian nutrition and biology, combined with a PhD in Organic Chemistry from Oxford, Heather had the perfect combination of skills along with the level of persistence to solve this enormous snack challenge.

What if fresh salad ingredients could become crisps?

After months of experimentation and a ton of machinery experiments, Heather developed a unique [patent pending] method to create crisps, crackers or biscuits out of virtually any hot or cold meal, just by removing the water! And because of all the fresh and natural ingredients, they not only look and taste incredible, but are also highly nutritious- naturally low in calories, high in fibre, and up to 350% more protein than standard crisps!

With fresh ingredients came almost no limitations. In true Willy Wonka style, Heather and the Marvin’s team have created 50+ flavours, to date, including pea and ham soup, carrot cake and even chocolate and chilli!

Imagination, experimentation and determination

In spite of being told repeatedly that it wasn't possible to manufacture Salad Crisps commercially, three years since conception, Marvin’s now have a full commercial kitchen and factory. Plus they are produced (in Surrey, UK) using entirely renewable energy, and packaged in the world’s first 100% plastic free, fully recyclable crisp packet- all as a result of Heather's limitless imagination. 

We are driven to change things for the better. Never limited by how other brands and snacks have done things before us, we create snacks the way they should have been created long before now. These are the snacks of our future, and boy are we having a bag load of fun creating and eating them!

The Marvin's Manifesto

Imagination without limitations

Remain curious and challenge the status-quo.
If something can be better, or needs to change, then make it happen. We exist to innovate, not conform.

Experimentation and determination

Without failure, there is no improvement.

Perfection is a misconception. Never be afraid of getting it wrong. Trying, then trying again is how we learn and improve.


Have fun, enjoy the little things in life.
Who says business should be boring? We work hard and play harder, because life is too short not to make silly faces out of crisps.

Be a business (and a human) for good

Being kind and considerate matters. 
We do our best to always be honest and have integrity.
 We take care of each other and our planet, because that's the way it should be.

The Snack-tastic Team

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