From Heather's quest to find a new food to help her horse "Ben" with his ulcers to revolutionary all natural protein bars.


It started at a vending machine.

I was working late one night (yet again) and had no time for a proper dinner. In the staff kitchen, I was faced with the supposedly ‘healthy’ snack options my company had switched our vending machines to recently.

But the ‘cereal bars’, ‘protein balls’ and ‘vegetable crisps’ the machine stocked had calories, carbs, salt and sugar counts higher than the candy bars and crisps they’d replaced. How was this meant to be healthy?

Taste breakthrough

After a few months of tinkering with the technique and trying different recipes, I finally cracked it.

I had found a way to turn a full, healthy salad or hot meal into a delicious stack of crisps.

Best of all, the process - which only involves removing water - actually intensifies the flavour of the ingredients.

If you’re wondering why everyone doesn’t do it this way, it’s because they don’t know how. Without the patent-pending process I invented, when you remove water from a salad or hot meal, you just end up with powder. That’s why all the veggie crisps, crackers, balls and bars you see on the market have so much added junk - chemicals, sugars and starches.

Award-winning snacks

My natural, low-tech process means every snack I make retains all of the goodness of the original meal and has no extra badness - no added salt, sugar, fat, lard, chemicals, weird stuff or, well, anything. It’s genuinely a meal in your pocket.

Soon after launching, we won a major European award. 2019 Innovative Snack Challenge

Heather Daniell

Founder & CEO

PhD in Organic Chemistry from Oxford University and formerly a consultant in the renewable energy market.


We are committed not only to revolutionizing the snack industry but also breaking new ground as a truely sustainable business.